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Preventing Dryness of Afro Textured Hair

Hair enhances one’s beauty and for some it is the crown they wear on their heads, as it enhances their personality and adds to confidence. Every person out there has different hair in the context of type, texture, length, color and volume. However, if we talk mainly about afro hair, dryness is a common topic of interest. Dryness can increase styling time, as it leads to breakage, dullness, tangling, and loss of curl definition. With dryness being one of the significant concern for all of us, here are some methods discussed that can assist with hair care
Deep Condition Regularly
In neglecting to deep condition your curls, you cause your hair severe damage! The hair masks and treatments are ideal for dry afro-textured hair due to the hydrating benefit along with the absorption of nutrients into the strands. Depending on the health of your hair, masks and treatments can be applied weekly to every 3 weeks. Adding steam or heat is bonus in ensuring additional absorption as the hair strains are open everything a little will make the treatment more effective.
Drink More Water
It's not just our metabolism that benefits from water, but also our skin and hair. The fluids  you put into your body are significant, as well as what you put on your hair. A rough guideline is eight large glasses a day. However, you might need more than that, depending on your size and how active you are.
Hydrate Hair Daily
 Hair with curly strands has a naturally lifted cuticle layer, that are fragile and easily damaged. Hydrating the hair maintains the protective barrier and makes curls more supple. Apply serum such as The Minty Oats Rescue Serum to your hair to get better soft curls.
Do Not Heat Frequently
Daily curling or straightening can ruin your hair. Thus, it is imperative to keep in mind that the less you expose your hair to heat, the less likely it will be damaged.
Curly and afro hair suffer from extreme cold, and central heating can dry out the hair, which causes it to become dry and brittle—using a deep conditioning and hydrating mask such as the Minty Oat Treatment Mask on afro hair every couple of weeks. Your curly hair will be pleased and healthy with these treatments. 
Keep Natural Color
The way that hair takes up water is by how it loses moisture. Highly porous hair is prone to absorbing and losing natural oils very quickly. It is crucial to understand that our hair strands are delicate and are not suited to harsh treatments like color lifting agents. While you have to be careful while lightening your hair, avoid overdoing it. Too much lightening too soon can result in cracked and weak hair, resulting in a softer, more fragile appearance.
Do Not Over Wash
Shampooing hair is an excellent way to clean it, but what if you do it daily? By doing this, you are ruining and making your hair dry. The purpose of shampoos is to remove all the dirt or oil on the scalp and hair strands. Unfortunately, these products can also strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture despite doing a great job sometimes. When possible, seek out sulfate-free, gentle, and use only-when-needed shampoos.
How Do You Combat Dry Hair?


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